Display Boxes, Showcases

We make display boxes for some of Australia’s most important cultural institutions and art galleries. Boxes can be made with UV protection and can be made secure for the display of precious items.
Custom plinths and supports can be manufactured for unique items.
Hobbyists and Collectors will also be interested in our range of showcases for their precious collectables or pieces of art or craftwork.
Sports collectors ask us about our range of Cricket, Football and other sporting memorabilia display cases.

  • Acrylic Display Boxes
  • Acrylic Supports
  • Acrylic Pedestals
  • Acrylic Plinths
  • Lockable Showcases
  • iPad Display
  • iPhone Display


  • POWERHOUSE MUSEUM acrylic exhibition display cases
  • PODFREY WALKING TOURS acrylic display case POS
  • CRICKET BAT sporting memorabilia, acrylic display box
  • FLOOR DISPLAY locking acrylic display case, lit
  • Custom made acrylic display case for swords
  • Komatsu Model Mining Truck - acrylic display case
  • DISPLAY CASES for trade shows
  • HSC Artwork - acrylic display boxes
  • iPad display stand in acrylic
  • SHOWCASES custom made in acrylic
  • ACRYLIC PRISM Lightbox Display designed by and fabricated for a COFA design student.
  • RARE WINE acrylic display case
  • COUNTER TOP locking display case on turntable
  • POWERHOUSE MUSEUM acrylic display boxes
  • EXHIBITION display showcases
  • POWERHOUSE MUSEUM acrylic exhibition display cases
  • EXHIBITION display showcases
  • EXHIBITION display showcases
  • LIGHT BOXES acrylic light boxes for display
  • beverage-cooler-unit